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​​​​F. Carlson Illustration & Design - Selected Clients

National Science Foundation

​​​MCA Universal

Sony Music

Smithsonian/National Zoo

Pennsylvania Department of Natural Resources

Bally Design

The Wall Street Journal

Second City Communications

Cable in the Classroom

Dartmouth Alumni

United Steelworkers of America

Stefan Grossman's Guitar Workshop

Yankee Magazine

America Magazine

Rebel/County Records​

​​Schanachie Recordings

Yazoo Records

Bradley Brown Design Group

Dave Nelson Design

Phillips-Exeter Alumni​ Magazine

Koppers Corporation

North Pointe Associates

Tom Feldmann/Sly Devil Slides

Robin English Design/Handy Seafoods

Cobblestone Publishing

National Review

Home Depot

Main Street Design

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

Hadley Exhibits

Ladbroke's OTB​